Program Structure

The Bachelor’s program is divided into three years of study, each of which contains two semesters.

In the first year of study (first and second semesters), a basic education in information technology takes place (programming, algorithms, business systems/computer networks). Additionally, general principles and methods of business administration are taught together with the other Bachelor programs at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.

During the second year of study (third and fourth semesters), students acquire advanced knowledge of business information technology (software development, development of user systems, e-Business). Furthermore, program-specific courses designed to deepen foundational knowledge are also offered jointly to all students in the Department.

In the third year of study (fifth and sixth semesters), program specialization is carried out during the fifth semester. The sixth semester contains the practical component and concludes with the preparation of the Bachelor’s thesis.

In the second and third years of study, the major modules are complemented by additional courses in soft skills/ethics and a required foreign language.


Program Content

The Bachelor’s degree program contains the following major modules:

  • Programming I and II
  • Business Systems / Computer Networks
  • eBusiness
    (Basic principles, supply-chain management, seminar in eBusiness)
  • Software Development
    (Software engineering, databases)
  • ERP Systems and Logistics
    (basic principles and internship)
  • Development of User Systems
    (Software engineering, databases)
  • Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management

After completing the Bachelor’s degree program, students have the option of pursuing graduate studies in a four-semester Master’s degree program.

Program Management

Carsten Dorrhauer

Prof. Dr. Carsten Dorrhauer

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67059 Ludwigshafen

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Program Administration

Vvolker Mayer

Volker Mayer

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67059 Ludwigshafen


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