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Program Structure

The Bachelor program is divided into three years of study, each of which contains two semesters.

  • The first year of study (first and second semesters) is offered jointly to almost all Bachelor programs at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. It provides a solid foundation in business administration and its methods.
  • From the third semester of the second year of study (third and fourth semesters), students begin to specialize based on their specific program of study by expanding on the foundational knowledge that was jointly taught to all Bachelor programs during the first year of study. Professionally qualifying advanced studies begin in the fourth semester, which are complemented by a (required) elective module.
  • During the third year of study (fifth and sixth semesters), students continue their studies in the program’s major focus areas and prepare their Bachelor’s theses.

In the second and third years of study, the major modules are complemented by additional courses in general studies, soft skills/ethics, and a required foreign language.

Modules – The Building Blocks of the Bachelor’s degree

The Bachelor’s Degree Program in Business Taxation and Auditing is a six-semester, modularly structured, full-time course of study. It is completed with the academic title “Bachelor of Arts” (B.A.). Modules can contain various teaching and learning formats, for example lectures, tutorials, or seminars. For this reason, there are different types of examinations. A module contains up to four different sub-modules, which are fully completed within one semester.

The first two semesters guarantee a solid introduction to the program and provide a strong foundation in the principles of business administration and its methods.

Your actual professional specialization follows after the first year. Courses in “Business Taxation I – IV,” “IT-Applications II,” and “Auditing I – III” contribute in particular to your professional development.

  • Lectures in “Business Taxation I – IV” guide you through the most important areas of taxation law. Lectures deal not only with questions of applying tax law, but also with the effects of taxes from a tax-planning perspective. Because tax issues often have an international aspect, we also include international taxation law.
  • The module “IT-Applications II” supports tax theory as an applied-practice lecture with commonly-used IT applications.
  • Lectures in “Business Auditing I – III” cover questions of national and international financial accounting as well as group accounting (preparation of consolidated financial statements), not only from the corporate perspective, but also from the auditing point of view. Aspects relevant to business law and market capital are also discussed.
  • Specific modules in communication including “International Culture and Communication” as well as “Social Skills” form a common thread that bind together your entire program of study. Having technical knowledge is good. Being able to communicate that knowledge is just as important.

In the fourth semester, you will attend a (required) elective course in one of the following subjects: corporate consulting, controlling, marketing, human resource management, financial literacy, or logistics. Through this (required) elective module, you will increase your professional flexibility by furthering your specialist knowledge in an additional area, which serves your interests.

The sixth semester in particular illustrates the integrated nature of your program. You will write your Bachelor’s thesis using academic methods. At the same time, a practical phase is planned into the curriculum so that you can gain “local experience” by delving into professional practice. Instead of doing an internship, you can also choose to use your social and communication skills in an international setting by studying abroad for one semester. The Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society maintains contact with approximately 80 foreign partner universities. During the course of your studies, you will have the chance to put the technical, methodological, and social skills you have learned to full use.


Program Management

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