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Bachelor’s Degree Program in Financial Services and Corporate Finance

Program Design

The Bachelor’s degree program in Financial Services and Corporate Finance is a six-semester, modularly structured, full-time course of study. This applied program of study professionally qualifies students for employment in the entire field of financial services and corporate finance.

The program is completed with the degree of Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

Career fields for Bachelor’s graduates:
The program constitutes a first-qualifying degree and enables students to take on specialist and managerial responsibilities in the following areas:

  • In financial departments of corporations.
  • In the credit services sector.
  • In the insurance industry.
  • In the funds industry.
  • In corporate consulting.
  • At associations and institutions.
  • As investment advisors.
  • As insurance salespeople.
  • In planning departments at companies.

Program Management

Prof. Dr. Carsten Pohl

Ernst-Boehe-Straße 4
67059 Ludwigshafen

  +49 (0) 621/5203-350
  +49 (0) 621/5203-111

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Program Administration

Christiane Weinerth

Ernst-Boehe-Straße 4
67059 Ludwigshafen


 +49 (0) 621/5203-314

 +49 (0) 621/5203-114

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