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Program Structure

Annual admittance takes place each Winter Semester, which is followed by a seven-semester program during which students can plan their studies with the above-mentioned modules. Together with our program partners, the Dual Cooperative Study Program in Health Economics has been designed to offer an interdisciplinary education in Business Administration, Economics, Medical Management, and Law.

Program Content

A broad academic foundation is laid in the first and second semesters and is deepened in the third and fourth semesters. Students complete internships between the second and third semesters as well as between the fourth and fifth semesters, i.e. during the semester breaks from 15.07 – 30.09. During the internship phase, students become acquainted with different fields of work in cooperation with industry partners. In the fifth semester, students can choose between the subjects of Public Health, Corporate Controlling, and Healthcare Information Technology. In addition, courses in Social Skills, Quality Management, and Health Economics Evaluation are offered. The sixth semester is a full internship semester, which runs from 01.03 – 30.09. During this phase, students translate their theoretical knowledge into practice. In the seventh and final semester, Human Resource Management, Marketing, international aspects of healthcare and further topics are covered. Rounding out the end of the seventh semester is the Bachelor thesis, which students write over a period of ten weeks.



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