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“BASF – the Chemical Company – offers its employees professional development opportunities in a wide variety of fields worldwide. It is our ambition to be the leading company in our industry– now and in the future. BASF’s employees stand for a corporate culture in which we work together to make outstanding ideas a reality. Whatever we do, we want to do it better than anyone else. And so, we always need to have the best possible team on board.” Claus Hitschler, Head of Commercial Education, BASF SE

“At RWE, we always have great demand for BIP students in their practical phases. Students bring with them a high degree of technical knowledge and soft skills. For several years now, RWE has been a cooperative partner company in the program. Graduates are employed throughout the entire group, both in Germany and abroad.”Rainer Philipp, Head of Human Resource Management, RWE-Ruhr AG, Trier

“The visiting delegation of Tongji University positively confirmed our decision to participate in the BIP program. The Chinese delegation made clear that they are experts in the field of information technology and that their experience can only benefit our students. I am pleased that students in our program will be able to gain valuable intercultural experience at both SAP and our Chinese partner university. We are convinced that they will be able to deepen their knowledge of information technology in Shanghai.”Markus Bell, Head of Training, SAP AG

“We have partnered with the BIP program at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society for more than ten years. Our cooperation has provided us the opportunity to bring on qualified young people early on in their careers to the company. On the basis of their general background in business administration studies, we provide further development tailored to the needs of the company. Our students put their knowledge into practice and work towards achieving their career aspirations during their practical working phases. BIP provides a comprehensive “benefit package” for both sides!” Florian Schuhmacher, Head of Human Resources Management, Inter-Union Technohandel GmbH

“Simona places great value on training and continuing educational standards, a commitment for which we have received numerous awards. To promote future key employees from within our own ranks, we work together with the BIP program in International Business Administration at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. In addition to combining theory and practical work experience, the program includes an international stay abroad during the fifth semester. We would like to expand our spectrum of activity and provide our clients worldwide with greater innovation, faster and more efficient processes, and more resources for development projects. We want to come up with the best technical solutions for our customers. In order to ensure this in the future, we are embarking on a new course. We are directing our resources and capacity at the global market; along with committed young professionals, we seek to grow internationally.” Helena Lau, Head of Human Resources, SIMONA AG