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Dual Cooperative Study Bachelor’s Degree Program in Logistics

The integrated Dual Cooperative Study Program in Logistics redefines studying through a hands-on, practical approach. Integrated, practical training takes place from the very first day of the program at a company well matched to the course of study—much in contrast to classical academic programs. Methodical knowledge of logistics, based on a solid background in business administration, is complemented by social and intercultural skills. Together, this forms the focus of the program.

A special feature of this program of study is the integration of an additional qualification in the form of vocational business training (“kaufmännische Ausbildung) in the area of logistics and its related fields. This vocational business training is completed with the IHK exam (IHK: German Chamber of Commerce and Industry). Targeted preparation for the exam takes place in accompanying workshops. Applicants with a passing grade on the IHK exam can have it counted toward their degree.

You can find additional information on the Dual Cooperative Studies Program in Logistics here: www.dual-logistik.de.