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Guiding Principle of the Program

Logistics is a discipline that places interdisciplinary thinking and acting at the forefront. Based on this principle, the design of the Bachelor’s degree program in Logistics at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society pursues an interdisciplinary approach.

Accordingly, integrated practical exercises during lectures, critical discussions of applied examples in seminars, as well as reflecting on knowledge learned from case studies are considerable components of the program. Project work and guest lectures reinforce the practical relevance of pedagogical content and give students the opportunity to test out what has been learned for practical applicability.

The program content extends from planning and controlling internal company material, information, and staff flows, to the increasingly important task of controlling and managing intercompany value-added chains. The use of information systems (such as ERP-systems) is also addressed alongside collaborative work in teams.

For required Bachelor’s theses, we strive for close cooperation with logistics companies.

…and for those whose interest as been sparked, a Master’s program at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society is available to those who would like to further their knowledge of logistics. More information can be found here.

Program Management

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Program Administration

Julia Walther

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