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Marketing is a dynamic profession with diverse strategic and operational areas. Areas of marketing activity relate to market, innovation, product and services, distribution, price, and communication and are directed at both domestic and international markets. Not limited only to corporations offering marketable products and services, marketing is also an important consideration for non-profit organizations such as educational, health, and charitable institutions.

Marketing has become ubiquitous. As a consequence, many workers and managers in corporations will be charged with completing leadership and project tasks related to marketing during their careers. An education in marketing is therefore an essential step towards professional development and can help open the door to new jobs and further career development.

Marketing and market-oriented management require not only functional skills, but also the ability to manage change. Effective sustainable marketing and the successful acquisition of management functions in marketing are therefore not feasible without solid foundational knowledge in business and management.

Marketing curricula are oriented on:

  • The current situation in the workplace and the future outlook of the career field.
  • Marketing-relevant skills, which are essential to job performance and career success.
  • Marking-relevant educational content and study materials, which teach the practical skills necessary for the workplace.

Against this backdrop, Marketing offers two qualifying programs as part of the overall educational concept:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Marketing (6 semesters).
  • Master of Arts in International Marketing Management (IMM; 4 semesters).


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