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Bachelor’s Degree Program in Marketing

During the standard six-semester period of study, we offer you not only a solid foundation in business studies, but also an academic education in Marketing of unique depth and breadth.

This approach results in a wide range of practically-applicable skills, which gives you the best chances for quick entry into your career, as well as diverse job opportunities.

The Bachelor’s degree also allows you to pursue further qualification through the Master’s program of your choice, for example, the consecutive Master’s program in International Marketing Management (IMM) here at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.

In Ludwigshafen, you will study in the metropolitan Rhein-Neckar region, one of the strongest economic areas of Germany. It offers attractive options for local recreation, for example at the Pfälzerwald park and the Bergstraße, in addition to countless recreational, cultural, and sporting activities.


Prof. Dr. Klaus Blettner

Program Director

Christina Schneider-Böß

Ernst-Boehe-Str. 4
67059 Ludwigshafen


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