Course of Studies and Program Design

Including exams, the program lasts for five semesters.

Specialization in this program lies in the areas of marketing, corporate management, and human resources management.

Courses are offered not only in teaching the hard, technical skills linked directly to business administration, but also in imparting values such as social competency and creativity, along with philosophy and sociology.

In general, the Master’s thesis is written during the last phase of the program, during which students can address issues and problems in the workplace.

A semester abroad is not a designated part of the program because students themselves often have the chance to stay abroad within the scope of their professional activities. A longer stay abroad is always possible by taking a semester off. An independent semester abroad during the program, though, would conflict with many business interests and would also surely reduce the willingness of employers to cooperate. Especially when considering that our students are further advanced in their professional careers, these arguments against taking a semester off should be given even more weight. On the other hand, however, we strongly expect that our students at times will also have to be absent for professional reasons. Accordingly, we try to make it possible to present program content in such a way that students will also be able to study on their own. 

The program has been officially recognized in accordance with § 7 of the Bildungsfreistellungsgesetztes (BFG), in connection with the Landesverordnung zur Durchführung des Bildungsfreistellungsgesetztes (BFGDVO) of the Federal State of Rheinland-Pfalz.


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