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Dynamic Qualification for Top Specialist and Executive Responsibilities

The defining characteristic of the Master’s degree program in Finance & Accounting is the combination of the disciplines of Finance, in the sense of financial corporate management, and Accounting, in the sense of external financial reporting and capital market communication. In these professions, understanding the value-added areas of the financial sector on a theoretical level and arriving at appropriate solutions requires mastery of both Finance and Accounting.

Thus, we deliberately define our program differently from other Master’s programs, which specialize in either finance or taxation and accounting. This is to your advantage.

With regard to the variety of educational programs offered, three features differentiate our program of study:

  • We offer you the advantage of a practically oriented education and solution-based, applied approach through tailored course content. Professors and lecturers come from the international business world and bring with them practical experience.
  • Connecting the associated program building blocks “Finance” and “Accounting” into an integrated educational program.
  • The program trains you not only in subject-specific and methodological skills. Rather, you also acquire strong skills in consulting and management, which are increasingly demanded by companies. In other programs, however, this aspect is either completely absent, at least when it comes to consulting skills, or is only partially covered.

With these three defining program characteristics, we occupy a unique position in southwest Germany.

Based on the economic strength of the metropolitan Rhein-Neckar area, where Ludwigshafen lies, there is a strong demand for highly qualified workers from the multitude of small, medium-sized, and large corporations as well as financial services and consulting companies located in this region.

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