The Master’s program in Innovation Management qualifies students to skillfully manage the development and marketing of new products and processes, particularly in the complex, internationally-oriented corporate business environment.

Organization of Studies

The program qualifies graduates to take on key functions and leadership positions within international, multifunctional project teams. Graduates carry out portfolio management and market-oriented tasks, along with planning and introducing new products and services.  The methodological and conceptual qualifications, as well as social skills, are taught within the context of the business environment.

It can be further noted that the program—in addition to teaching technical, specialized knowledge—attaches great importance to teaching communication and professional skills. Extensive training in problem-solving skills, communication, team-work, and intercultural competence are explicit goals of the program. Excursions, practical case studies, and practical projects with industry forge a close connection to the business world and its challenges.

The Accreditation Council has granted accreditation to the program of Master’s of Arts in Innovation Management. In addition to this, the Department of Management, Controlling, and Healthcare has introduced a quality-management system, which includes, for example, regular course evaluations by students.

The city of Ludwigshafen itself lies in the middle of the metropolitan Rhein-Neckar region, which claims over 135,000 companies, 800,000 workers, and a gross value-added figure of over €62 billion. Multinational firms including BASF SE, SAP, Roche Diagnostics, and the Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG are headquartered here. Last but not least, the 21 institutions of higher learning with more than 82,000 students in this area make for a vibrant student life.

Program Design

This four-semester, on-campus program is comprised of five required modules, four elective modules, and one semester dedicated solely to the Master’s thesis. Upon successful completion of the program, students earn the title of Master of Arts (M.A.).

We have a cooperative agreement with the Master’s program in Controlling, which is also offered by the Department of Management, Controlling, and Healthcare. Due to this cooperation, Master’s students from both Innovation Management as well as Controlling attend the first five modules together. These modules provide the interdisciplinary knowledge and skills that are needed in both Management and Controlling. Moreover, these courses lay the foundation for subsequent specialization.

Following completion of the required modules, students have to choose which four of the five elective modules they would like to attend. Elective modules allow students to become more specialized by deepening and expanding their knowledge and skills. They also give students the opportunity to partially determine their areas of specialization.

Students select their elective modules for the second and third semesters at the beginning of each respective semester.

 The lectures are in German.


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