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Logistics-Management & Consulting

In cooperation with the Center for Distance-Learning at Universities of Applied Sciences and Technical Colleges (zfh - Zentrum für Fernstudien im Hochschulverbund), the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society offers a distance-learning Master’s of Business Administration in Logistics-Management & Consulting that can be completed while working full-time.

The distance-learning program, which allows students to study at any time, in any place, is especially designed for working professionals who would like to obtain further academic training without having to interrupt their careers. Most course materials are made available in electronic form. The newest trends and research findings can always be integrated into courses. In addition to the self-study phase, complementary on-campus days take place at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.
The distance-learning program in Logistics-Management & Consulting is aimed at graduates from all fields of study who would like to add to their existing knowledge in the areas of logistics management and consulting in order to take on executive functions and higher management positions. The goal is to properly educate students for the job market in logistics. This is done on an academic level by taking in account the demand for integrating academics and practical experience.

The program focus lies in the area of management, especially in logistics management and the relevant neighboring areas and, additionally, in teaching methodological skills from consulting. Graduates of the program are therefore in the position to independently plan and develop logistics projects on a managerial level. They are also capable of working as advisors, managers, or project leaders in the areas of industry, trade, waste management, transportation, logistics services, and corporate consulting.

Further information for prospective students and applicants is available here.


Academic Director

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Annika Karger

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