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Versorgungssteuerung im Gesundheitswesen - Health Care Management (HCM), M.Sc.


The research-oriented, interdisciplinary approach of the Master’s programme in Health Care Management takes up questions of providing health care services to patients and managing the German health care system. Our mission is to address the structural changes within the healthcare sector and to educate specialists in Health Care Management.

In addition to applied aspects, the programme puts an emphasis on current research developments, especially in the fields of health economic evaluation, health care provider research, and network administration. We pursue an interdisciplinary approach, in which the medical aspect, with a focus on evaluation, has great importance. During their projects and master thesis work, we integrate students into research and development projects, which allows them to obtain a broad set of methodological skills. This also enables students to learn from their own primary research.


The M.Sc. degree programme is designed to take three terms (90 credits) and is divided into eight modules, plus a Master’s thesis. Since summer 2018 it is also possible to study the master's programme in part-time. Modules are self-contained units that teach partial qualifications as part of the overall programme objectives. Modules are completed within one semester. Please be aware of the fact, that 7 out of our 8 modules are being held in German language.

  • Consecutive Master’s programme
  • Length of study: 3 semesters (full-time) or 6 semesters (part-time)
  • Begin of the study programme either winter or summer semester
  • A-Module is always offered in the summer Semester.
  • B-Module is always offered in the winter Semester.
  • Master’s thesis within the 3rd semester (full-time) or within the 5th and 6th semester (part-time)

You can find the curriculum of our master's programme by following this link.


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