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Master’s Degree Programs

Distance-Learning Program in Corporate Management

The MBA Distance-Learning Program in Corporate Management is designed so that academic studies can be optimally combined with career. Through the selection of required-elective modules, the program of study can be customized according to students’ individual interests.

Distance-Learning Program in Business Administration

The curriculum has been conceptualized to enable graduates of the Master’s of Business Administration program (MBA) to take on managerial roles in numerous task areas. In order to solve problems on-the-job not only technical knowledge, but also practical skills are taught. Notably, the on-campus sessions of the program serve to impart practical skills. 

International Human Resources Management

The comprehensive four-semester Master’s program in International Human Resources Management (IHRM) provides in-depth academic training for future Human Resource managers and other executives tasked with personnel responsibilities. On the one hand, students delve into the specific requirements of Human Resource Management, which have resulted from increasing internationalization and professionalization. On the other hand, students are also given a broad education in general management, which provides an important foundation for managerial leadership in business.

International Marketing Management
Have you already successfully earned a qualifying Diplom or Bachelor’s degree in the field of Marketing? Are you fluent in English (TOEFL-level language skills), motivated, ready to get involved? Are interested in further studies in Marketing Management? If so, you have come to the right place.

Work-Study Program in Business Administration  (BIS)

The distinctive feature of the BIS program is that it affords working professionals the opportunity to study Business Administration while maintaining their current employment. This program leads to the same university degree as with full-time programs—the Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration and the Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The Bachelor’s degree program lasts for seven semesters, the Master’s for five semesters. Final thesis work is also to be completed within this time frame. As a general rule, students should have had at least one year of on-the-job business experience after graduating from their first degree program, before beginning the Master’s.

General and International Management

The Transatlantic Institute and the University of West Florida offer working professionals the opportunity to earn an Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) in General and International Management. The MBA qualifies you for managerial positions with a high degree of responsibility and international range. For career changers from other fields, the MBA also offers the chance to learn business tools and to prepare for leadership positions and managerial responsibilities within a short period of time.