As a central service unit of Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society, the library is responsible for providing literature and information to university members for study, teaching and research purposes. Moreover, it is generally open to all those pursuing scientific and professional purposes as well as those with an interest in the area of education and training.



The main cafeteria of the University – Mensa, is Situated in Building B. There, you can find drinks and snacks at favorable prices and at lunchtime (11:30 – 14:00) you can have a whole meal (small salad, soup, main dish and  a desert or a combination of salads, a small bread and a desert) for about 2.30 – 2.50 euro. The dishes are different every day, on some days there are special theme menus and also, a salad bar is available for those, who would like to have lighter and healthier lunch.

Opening times Cafeteria and Mensa

During the semester

Monday – Thursday 08:00 – 16:00

Friday 08:00 – 14:30

Saturday 09:30 – 13:30

During the semester break

Monday – Friday 09:00 – 15:30

Opening times Mensa

During the semester

Monday – Friday 11.30 – 14:00

During the semester break

Monday – Friday 12:00 – 13:30