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Where to go, What to see, What to do?

In your first weeks in Germany you will probably not have the opportunity to go to famous places in Berlin, München or Hamburg or explore the Top 100 places to visit in Germany, but you should definitely take advantage of what Ludwigshafen has to offer and discover the beautiful Rheinland-Pfalz area!

If you want to explore nature and culture, go for a walk by the Rhine, see the castles, visit the local museums and try the traditional German dishes and beverages! If you are more into sports - go to a football or ice hockey game! And if you just want to spend time with your new friends - go shopping in the big malls, enjoy eating out, go to a bar, club or a concert together!

Here you can find our suggestions on Where to go, What do to and What to see in Ludwigshafen am Rhein and the surrounding cities!

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  • Nature & History
  • Nightlife