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Impress your future employer with a Certificate from the European Innovation Alliance!

Proving international experience and intercultural skills is getting more and more important when hunting for a job.

The European Innovation Alliance supports you with that:

  • Take part in a selection of our offers
  • Collect a total of 5 points
  • Get the EuroInnA Certificate to complement your CV!

You can of course collect the points over several semesters.


Take part in an EuroInnA Lecture Series!

Join at least 3 of the upconig Browm Bag Sessions in Summer 2023.

1 point
Language Courses

Join one of our language courses and pass the final exam

Learn more about upcoming courses

1 point per course

Intercultural Training

Take part in our digital Intercultural Trainings series (Basic + Follow-up Workshop)

Find out more about the next training series.

1 point
Soft Skills Training

Join one of the Soft Skills Training EuroInnA offers.

1 point

Summer School

Take part in an EuroInnA Spring/Summer School

Information on the upcoming LUBS Summer School soon to be found here! 

2 points

(+ 2 ECTS)

Exchange semester at an EuroInnA University

Spend a semester abroad at one of the EuroInnA partner universities:

3 points