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Diversity Concept

The issue of diversity is nothing new to the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. The diversity aspect is already grounded in the strategy of the university in many different places. The University of Business and Society Ludwigshafen has been audited nationwide as one of the first “family-friendly institutions of higher education” in 2002. Since then it has been re-audited four times. Furthermore, the Ludwgshafen University of Business and Society  signed the charter of diversity already in 2010. By doing so it has pledged itself to ensure a work environment that is free from prejudice for all of its members. In June 2014 the new mission statement of the university was passed. As a central control mechanism it forms the crucial base, next to the audit “family-friendly institution of higher education” and the “diversity charter”, in order to derive objectives and measures for the diversity concept. Moreover, guided interviews with members of the university from all areas have been conducted.

The following central diversity strategies are  anchored in our mission statement:

  • The promotion of equal opportunities and appreciation
  • The development of education- and socio-political commitment in the idea of an open institution of higher education
  • The promotion of compatibility of work and/or study in different circumstances
  • The support of educational advancement
  • The development of diversity appropriate individual support and councelling offers for students
  • The acquisition of socio-political responsibility as a public institution
  • The promotion of internationalisation of teachers and students
  • As well as the promotion of healthy studying and working conditions within the university.

Those strategies have been specified in objectives and operationalised through practical measures within the university’s field of action.

Figure: The university’s fields of action                                                                                                            

Definitions of fields of action analogous to the  Diversity Audit „Vielfalt gestalten“ (diversity audit “Shaping Diversity”), but addition of fields “Research and International Issues”

The presented concept (development status December 2014) was passed in the senate on 28 January 2015. With respect to quality management the objectives and measures presented in the concept are supposed to be evaluated and further developed on a regular base.



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