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Equal Opportunity and Diversity Coordination Office

To enable the fields of action of equality, family friendliness, accessibility and diversity to act as a single unit and to exploit synergy effects in day-to-day work, these areas were combined to form an integrating diversity management system. To this end, the Equal Opportunity and Diversity Coordination Office was founded in April 2016.

The coordination office develops strategies and concepts for measures that promote equal opportunities and diversity.
The team of the Coordination Office for Equal Opportunity and Diversity advocates for equal opportunity at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences and counters discrimination.

The team includes:

  • Prof. Dr. Petra Weber-Dreßler - Equal Opportunity Officer
  • Kristina Scheuermann - Equal Opportunity Project Worker & Representative for Students with Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses
  • Petra Schorat-Waly - Diversity Manager
  • Christiane Schweikart - Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer, Head of Family Service


Prof. Dr. Petra Weber-Dreßler


Ernst-Boehe-Str. 4
67259 Ludwigshafen

B 122+49 621 5203-201+49 621 5203-200

Petra Schorat-Waly

Profile picture Petra Schorat-Waly