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Introduction to IT Services

At the beginning of each semester, an orientation week is held for new students enrolled in regular degree programs, which includes an ‘Introduction to IT Services’ (also called ‘PC-License’) in the computer labs at the university.

The Goal of the PC-License

…is to introduce students to the computer lab facilities and to provide general instruction in operating PC systems and accessing the available information systems at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.

The University makes use of various information systems, which provide program-related information to students and facilitate communication with their respective academic departments.

Because so much information is given at the introductory informational session during orientation week, we would like to provide the information again here as a brief outline in the following sections.

During the course of your studies here, it may be the case that the information originally provided to you is no longer valid due to upgrades or other changes to the IT system. These pages will allow you to look up the latest information as needed.

  1. System Applications, User Accounts, and Passwords
  2. Computer Labs
  3. WIFI
  4. VPN
  5. University Email Account
  6. OLAT  (Online Learning and Training)
  7. HIS-Portal  (University Information System)
  8. Printing on Campus
  9. Data Storage


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