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Welcome to "Fun English"!


In this one-week online English course on A2-level we will talk about everyday situations, learn new words, understand grammar and use it in writing, listening and – most of all – speaking.

Register until 28th January 2022 and join in the fun of speaking English! The course is for 15 students max.




For this purely online English course you definitely MUST have

  • a stable internet connection
  • your own laptop screen (no mobile phone-participation, no screensharing with a second person!)
  • a good sound transmission
  • a good camera

We are looking forward to your registrations!

Register here: international@hwg.de

Please note that your registration will be binding.

All places already taken? Send us an email to be put on the waiting list: international@hwg.de


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Frau Kerstin Gallenstein

Leiterin Bereich Internationale Angelegenheiten
Erasmus Koordinatorin

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Frau Prof. Dr. Edith Rüger-Muck
Vizepräsidentin für Internationales & Diversity 

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Bereich Internationale Angelegenheiten
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Di - Fr         9.00 -  12.30 Uhr
Mo, Di, Do  14.30 - 16.00 Uhr
Mittwoch und Freitag Nachmittag geschlossen, Termine nach Vereinbarung