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Welcome to FUN English

New course in February 2023 - register now!

In our two-week online English courses on A2-level we will talk about all kinds of situations, learn new words, understand grammar and use it in writing, listening and – most of all – speaking.


  • FUN English: 13th of February to 23rd of February 2023, Monday till Thursday, 10:30-12:00 am CEST
  • Friday is free for revision and preparation of a creative assignment :-)
  • Compulsory technical introduction on the first Monday at 09:45 am.
  • Free of charge, you only need to buy your workbook (NO digital version) for 17 EUR
  • Small groups of 11 students max.
  • Certificate of participation plus 1 point for the EuroInnA Certificate

For this purely online English course you definitely MUST have

  • a stable internet connection
  • your own laptop screen (no mobile phone-participation, no screensharing with a second person!)
  • a good sound transmission
  • a good camera

Register here before February 3rd: Euroinna@ 8< SPAM-Schutz, bitte entfernen >8 hwg-lu.de

Please note that your registration will be binding. Please order the workbook directly after you have been accepted to the course.

All places already taken? Send us an email to be put on the waiting list: Euroinna@ 8< SPAM-Schutz, bitte entfernen >8 hwg-lu.de


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Mittwoch und Freitag Nachmittag geschlossen, Termine nach Vereinbarung