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"Successful Immigration and Integration": International Day at LUBS

Join us for a full day around the topic of "Successful Immigration and Integration"

Together with our four European partner instutitions we are organizing a diverse programme around the topic of "Successful Immigration and Integration".

The (preliminary) programme includes:

Programme overview

Time              Agenda                                                                                 Format                               
10:00-10:30                                        Openinghybrid
10:30-11:15Lecture I:

"Integration of new international students at Tomas Bata University"
Lecturer: Patrik Foltýn (UTB)

Lecture IIhybrid
11:15-11:45                                      Coffee Break and NetworkingFoyer (A-Building)

Lecture III

"Migrations in Spain: Evolution, current trends and perspectives from the University".

Lecturer: María Teresa Aceytuno Pérez (UHU)

Lecture IVhybrid
12:30-13:30                                       Lunch BreakLUBS Mensa
13:00-14:30                                   Intercultural Training
                              Lecturer: Ilse Page (LUBS)
on site
13:30-14:00Get to know....Spain!
Lecturer: María-Teresa Aceytuno (UHU)

Get to know....Finland!
Lecturer: Daniela Tanhua (SAMK)

14:00-14:30Get to know....The Czech Republic!
Lecturer: Patrik Foltýn (UTB)

Get to know....Germany!
Lecturer: Diana Beermann (LUBS)

14:30-16:00                                         World CaféFoyer (A-Building)
16:00-17:00                          Panel Discussion (in German):
               „(Aus)Bildung als Schlüssel zur Integration“
Aula (A-Building)

Programme details: Lectures

Lecture I: "Integration of new international students at Tomas Bata University"

TBU in Zlín like one of the regional Czech universities, tries to attract international students from all around the World. Unfortunately, we cannot offer opportunities like major Czech cities like Prague or Brno. Nevertheless, we can offer individual approaches to every single student and give them a helping hand whenever they need it. Successful integration of newcoming international students is extremely important to us. It leads to a positive experience for our students who can eventually recommend our university to other prospective potential applicants. That helps us to grow the community of students in English degree programs. Let us show you what we are doing for the integration of our first-year students.

Lecturer: Patrik Foltýn (TBU)


Programme details: Workshop "Intercultural communication"

In this 90-minutes workshop we`ll explore and experience how communication works and which rules and settings influence international communication and teamwork. We reflect on our own cultural standards and compare different cultural dimensions.

Lecturer: Ilse Page (LUBS)


Programme Details: Get to know...

Get to know...The Czech Republic!
If I say that I come from the Czech Republic, most people almost immediately associate it with Prague. But the country itself has much more to offer. Let me guide you through the parts of the Czech Republic that you might never hear about them before. I hope that you are ready to visit with me places that my homeland can offer to you for exploring.

Lecturer: Patrik Foltýn (TBU)

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