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As every modern city, Ludwigshafen (also Mannheim and Heidelberg) offers various possibilities for your daily grocery shopping as well as big malls (called also Galerien). You can also easily find a nice place to eat out and try local dishes or you can feel at home at the various foreign bars and restaurants (Turkish shisha bars, Irish pubs, Italian and Spanish restaurants). What you may find more interesting though, are the places, where you can go and relax or have fun with a big group of people and enjoy the time spend together, such as:


Bowiling Ludwigshafen

Cineplex Mannheim

Cinemaxx Mannheim

*Tipp: When looking for a movie, have in mind that almost all movies are projected with German audio, hence if you are not fluent in German, you’d better check for a movie in its Original Version (stated as “OV” below the title), which means that you can see the movie in whatever its original language is.

LOFT Club Ludwigshafen

Musikpark Ludwigshafen

Schneckenhof Mannheim

Hafen 49 Mannheim

Das Zimmer club Mannheim

KOI club Mannheim


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