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Orientation semesters

Study in English, improve your German and get to know LUBS!

Re-starting in March 2023, we offer an Orientation semester at LUBS:

During your Orientation semester you will take part in

  • EU-related Courses in Englich (at least 2h/week)
  • Business Courses in English (e.g. Business Communications, International Business Skills, Intro to Marketing, International HR Management, Cross Cultural Management, International Strategic Management, Risk Management, Consulting Management Skills, Production Planning, ERP-Systems - at least 10h/week)
  • German Courses (4h/week)
  • German Conversation Course (2h/week)
  • “Germany Today” (2h/week)
  • Business English (2h/week)

In addition, you are welcome to join our Buddy and Mentoring Programs for individual support. You can take part in excursions with German and international LUBS-students and take German exams here at LUBS.


REGISTRATION CLOSED: Orientation Semester I: 19th of September, 22 to 28th of January, 23

  • 19th - 23rd of September, 22: Introduction Week inkl. Buddy Programme
  • 26th of September, 22 to 7th of January, 23: Lecture Period
  • 7th - 28th of January, 23: Exam Period

Intensive German Course (B 1.1): February 23

REGISTRATION OPEN: Orientation Semester II: 6th of March to 8th of July, 23

  • 6th - 10th of March, 23: Introduction Week inkl. Buddy Programme
  • 13th of March – 17th of June, 23: Lecture Period       
  • 19th of June - 8th of July, 23: Exam Period  

Intensive German Course (B 2.1 & B 2.2): July/August 23

Organisational Details

  • Enrolment is possible for students from Ukrainian universities and final year students from Ukrainian schools (a School Leaving Certificate is NOT required)
  • You will be officially enrolled as an exchange student.
  • The offer is free of charge but you will need housing near Ludwigshafen.


Send us an email to arrange a personal consultation: international@ 8< SPAM-Schutz, bitte entfernen >8 hwg-lu.de

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