Career prospects and practical relevance

By means of

  • an academic background and professional practice already available before the start of studies,  
  • professional, as a rule continuing activity during the course of studies,
  • the wide differentiation of the main fields of study and
  • the teaching of social skills

Graduates of the MBA further education course of International Business Management can start from the diverse future-proof career opportunities of all business fields and have the best career prospects in all these areas of business economics.

The graduation can also help to secure or maintain the management positions, which have been already occupied before the start of studies.

The study provides the graduates with a degree in economic sciences in order to successfully solve the complex administrative tasks with the following competences at the academic level:

  • comprehensive business know-how,
  • leadership skills and
  • international competence

The important specializations of all major business areas and management skills are taught based on the already available basic business knowledge. This proceeds at the scientific level, taking into account the application requirements into a practice.

The aim is to establish a level, which could make possible a takeover the administrative functions at a later stage. That is why involve the study not only one, but a number of important business functions. It was created a specially module for your disposal, which serve in particular for the teaching of leadership skills. Just as the teaching contents correspond the requirements of practice, the competencies to be taught are also equated. To make it happen, there are used the existing contacts with more than 250 partner companies in the already existing professional integrated study course as well as on meetings and seminars for former graduates of our study courses.

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