The tuition fees amount currently 9,000 EUR total for 4 semesters and are divided as follows:

The costs for 3 attendance semesters amount EUR 2250 per Semester. To the study fees are included:

  • individual student support
  • study letters in printed or electronic form
  • attendance tutorials and
  • examinations during the course of study

The master's thesis will be written in the final semester, as a rule, it is the fourth year of study. The costs of EUR 2250 are incurred for the supervision, assessment and performance of the dispute.

The costs for a repeat of a semester amount 500 EUR.  

The tuition fees will be charged according to their amount for the corresponding semester.

In addition, all students are obliged to pay a student contribution each semester in the amount of 122 EUR (currently).

Rarely a specialist literature should be purchased, the costs for which can vary from one case to another.


Funding opportunities

Educational leave

In Rhineland-Palatinate, as in some other federal states, there is under certain circumstances the possibility of obtaining the educational leave according to German law on educational garden leave (ger. Bildungsfreistellungsgesetz (BFG)). In this case, the employer grants under an application request a paid leave, however, without taking over the costs of the educational measures.

A requirements for using the educational leave are following: you are employed in a federal state, where the law on educational garden leave exists and both the educational measures and its organizer are recognized as worthy of educational leave.

Our presence phases are recognized in the following federal states:

  • in Rhineland-Palatinate according to its law on educational garden leave (ger. Bildungsfreistellungsgesetz (BFG))
  • in Baden-Württemberg according to its educational leave law of Baden-Württemberg (BzG / BW)
  • in Saarland according to its further education and educational garden leave law of Saarland (SWBG)
  • in Berlin according to its educational leave law (BiUrlG).

Usually you have a right to take the educational garden leave for ten working days during a period of two consecutive calendar years.

Detailed information can be found on the Ministry of Education homepage.

If required, you can apply for the recognition in other federal states as well.

Tax remission

Expenses incurred for your professional further education can generally be claimed for taxation purposes in the income declaration (expenses for tuition fees and not included in the tuition fees incidental expenses, such as possible travel and accommodation expenses, meals during the attendance periods, Internet and telephone fees, postage costs and, where applicable, expenses for further specialized literature).

For questions regarding the remission of advertising costs or special expenses from taxable income, please contact your tax office.


Other funding opportunities

The federal government supports people interested in education financing a professional further education. Please refer to the following programs:

  • Education voucher
  • Upgrading scholarship
  • Deutschlandstipendium (Flyer)
  • Gifted and Talented Education
  • Bildungsscheck (especially in NRW)
  • Qualifizierungsscheck (especially in Hessen)