Duration, structure and study contents

Duration of the study

The entire course of study lasts four semesters and consists of compulsory modules and one elective module with varying choice alternatives. The first three semesters serve the self-study phases by means of the state-of-the-art teaching letters, which are supplemented by approx. 3-4 weekends of attendance phases per semester at the University of Ludwigshafen. Each module concludes with an examination. In this context tests, seminar papers and attendances are planned. In the last semester the final thesis (master thesis) has to be prepared, which concludes a defense in a disputation.

Structure of the study

The four-semester course of studies is structured modular. The students receive teaching letters for self-study each module, which are additionally supplemented with at least one attendance day per semester. Each module concludes with an exam. There are also planed written tests, seminar papers and presentations. In the last semester the final thesis (master thesis) has to be prepared, which will be defended in a disputation.

The distance-learning MBA in International Business Management is structured in such a way that the study can be well-matched with a professional activity. Due to the range of elective courses offered, the study can also be individually arranged according to one's own interests.

The knowledge is transferred on the one hand during self-study on the basis of the state-of-the-art teaching letters and on the other hand during the attendance phases. These teaching letters are offered by experienced professors of the department, as well as by experts from industry and science, who work as lecturers in this distance-leaning MBA course. Each module at least one day of attendance will be offered and the students should be thematically prepared for it. In addition, students have the opportunity to contact the lecturers any time, even during the self-studying phases, per e-mail and/or visit them personally during the office hours.

Distance learning enables time-and place-independent learning. The course ¬imparts not only to a subject content, but also, above all, skills to solve problems of professional practice. In particular, ¬the attendance phases serve as a means of imparting competence. The teaching language is English. You can mostly take individual modules.



Content of the study

The content of the curriculum is designed in such a way, that the graduates of this MBA course of study can take the lead in the management tasks or corporate´s management in many areas. Not only knowledge is imparted, but also the competencies to solve the problems of professional practice. The attendance phases serve in particular to impart a corresponding competence.

Credit points (also called as ECTS-points) describe the anticipated efforts of students. The amount of 30 working hours corresponds to one credit point. This creates a comparability of educational offerings, based on the measurability of the assumed workload.

In the first semester students gain in the compulsory module of scientific work the knowledge that according to the scientific theories, critical and rational actions can be implemented as a practical life philosophy. The compulsory module ends with a discussion, which will be graded, and an amount of 2 credit points.

The first part of the compulsory module “Social Competence” is offered in the amount of three credit points. The aim of the discipline “Philosophy” (Ethics) is that students learn to assess the consequences of their own actions according to a rational background. Students should therefore learn to take even more responsibility.

Furthermore, the module is a part of the first semester with 4 ECTS credits.

The first semester concludes with the compulsory module “Marketing” as a concept of market-oriented corporate management. The module ¬amounts 12 credit points and concludes with a written exam.

In the second semester the compulsory module “Corporate management” is taught with an amount of 12 credit points. In this module you will be occupied with Management, Controlling and Business Game. The discipline “Rhetoric” (3 credit points), which is placed in the module Social Competence, enables the students to improve their own appearance by means of special techniques. With the module “International Competence” you complete the second semester. In this module a seminar paper will be written and 6 credit points can be earned.

The third and the last semester of the attendance days begins with the compulsory module Human Resource Management and 10 credit points with its brunches of International Human Resource Management, Work and Organizational Psychology and Organizations and ends with the third brunch of Social Competence (4 credit points). In the discipline “Creativity”, the students learn the need to promote creative thinking, to understand the psychology of creativity and to recognize the course of creative group discussions and thus be able to manage them.

The subject of the fourth semester is also an elective module. In this case, students have the option of choosing 2 from the following 4 courses: Law, Sociology, Finance and Macroeconomics according to their interests. 2 credit points can be earned per elective module.

The final semester, usually the fourth semester, is dedicated to the Master Thesis (final -paper), including a colloquium and is graded with 30 credit points.


Module descriptions

Particularities of the study

The study is designed as a time- and place-independent distance learning course and is primarily suitable for employed persons, who wish to continue their professional career without interruption. Most of the teaching contents will be provided mostly electronically in the form of teaching texts. In addition to the self-study phases, attendance days will be take place at 3-4 weekends per semester.

Due to the already gained academic background and professional practice before the start of studies, the professional activity that students usually have parallel to their course of studies, the wide differentiation of the focus areas in the main study as well as the provision of social skills, guaranty the graduates the best career prospects in all business areas, in order to successfully cope with complex management tasks.



The curriculum includes the optimal course of the study program of the MBA distance learning course of the International Business Management.


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