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Digital Lecture Week: A big THANK YOU to our lecturers!

Day 1: Social-ecological innovations | Blanca Miedes (PhD) | University of Huelva | Spain | University of Algarve | Portugal

Learn more about the fascinating topic of social-ecological innovations! How can we understand socio-ecological transitions and find possible pathways towards just and sustainable societies? Multidisciplinary, participatory, action-research science can help us to enhance collaborative processes of territorial intelligence and foster the democratisation of any kind of knowledge.

Blanca Miedes (PhD in Economics) has been an Associated Professor in the Department of Economics of the University of Huelva (Spain) since 2004. She is a member of COIDESO (Center for Research in Contemporary Thought and Innovation for Social Development) and coordinates the Ibero-American Laboratory of Socio-ecological Innovation InitiativesShe is also a Co-Editor of the RIESISE (Revista Iberoamericana de Economía Solidaria e Innovación Socioecológica). Her main research lines are territorial intelligence, sociecological innovation and transition design.

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Day 2: The future of e-mobility | Prof. Stefan Bongard | Ludwigshafen University for Business and Society | Germany

Against the background of climate change and increasing political pressure on logistics, more and more efforts are being made to test and apply new technologies and drive concepts in transport logistics. The lecture focuses the topic of a system view and the technological and conceptional diversity of alternative drives.

Prof. Bongard has been working at the University of Applied Sciences in Ludwigshafen as a professor for Business Administration and Logistics since 2008 and teaches lectures in Bachelor and Master Logistics. His research focuses on alternative drives in logistics, e-commerce distribution of groceries and design and conception of online exams.


Day 3: Plastics and the Environment | Prof. Mgr. Marek Koutný | Tomas Bata University | Czech Republic

Today, plastics are regarded mainly as a threat to the environment but the general public in fact knows little about what plastics actually are and what their properties, advantages and disadvantages are. The lecture will make an attempt to provide a more plastic view of plastics.

Prof. Mgr. Marek Koutný (PhD) is Head of the Department of Environmental Protection Engineering at the Faculty of Technology. His interest lies in the field of the biodegradation of polymeric materials, the application of molecular biology and DNA sequencing methods in biodegradation and advanced respirometry. Since 2016 Prof. Koutný has been a member of the Scientific Board of Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

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Day 4: Business and Technology trends to strengthen Logistic strategies | Daniela Tanhua | Satakunta University of Applied Sciences | Finland

Logistics is the facilitator to fulfil commercial promises to the end customer. Disruption in supply chains, repatriation of industry production and distribution have been widely discussed during the COVID19 pandemic. But one should always look at the Trends in Logistics and the opportunities for business development. Please, join me for a discussion on what could be possible business and technology solutions along the supply chain in the coming decade.

Daniela Tanhua, MSc (International Business) is Head of Teaching of Technology and Maritime Management at Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) in Rauma, Finland. Logistics and Supply Chain Management is a strong profile of University education in our region Satakunta. Providing the local Industry and Service businesses with experts in international business, supply chain management, product management, service design, e-commerce and finance.

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The EuroInnA-partners

EuroInnA is a network of five European universities working on enhanced mobility, future-oriented study programs and joint research projects. The network`s focus lies on sustainability, health and digitization. The involved university members cooperate with each other digitally, in presence or in mixed formats.

During the Lecture Week, each lecture will be preceded by a short presentation of the respective university. So let us take you to a journey all across Europe - from Spain and Portugal to Germany, to the Czech Republic, and last but not least to Finland.




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