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Studi Card

Issuing of the Studi Card – As an exchange student, you will get your Studi Card, when enrolling in the university – it will be already active, you just need to charge it. It is valid for one semester only, if you stay for two semester you need to re-validate it upon enrolling for the next semester (one validation device is in Building A, on the lefthand side, next to the auditorium and another one is in Building B in front of the Mensa).

Functions of Studi Card - The Studi Card is your student ID card, but also - Mensa card (payment for snacks/drinks and lunch), Library card (borrowing and returning books), Locker card (for the locks in front of the library) and it also works as a chip for the washing machine at the dormitory in Heinigstraße.

Charging of the Studi Card – The Studi Card can be charged in Building B, in front of the Mensa entrance with a German EC-card (credit cards are not possible!). Alternatively, you can charge it at the cash desk in Mensa.

Defect/Lost Studi Card – in case of damaging or losing your Studi Card you will be due to pay 20 € fee for issuing a new one. In case of technical problems, the card will be replaced without any additional charges.