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3rd semester

Module Human resources management: 1. IHRM, 2. Psychology of Work and Organizational Behaviour & 3. Organization

Dr. Eva Miriam Konrad

Freelance consultant and trainer

„For the success of multinational companies, a proper management of the geographically dispersed workforce is necessary in order to leverage HR resources for achieving local as well as a global competitive advantage. Therefore, the aim of this lecture series is to give a profound introduction into the topic of IHRM. The module deals with international business activities as driving forces of IHRM and with important challenges of IHRM like cultural, legal and economic framework conditions. Common practices and functions of IHRM will be discussed.“

Dr. Alexander Götmann

EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, Germany: Lecturer and research assistent; Consultant People & Change Advisory at KPMG

„An understanding of the human side of management is crucial for organizational success. The PSYCHOLOGY OF WORK AND ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOUR module covers cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects of individuals and groups in organizational settings. The module integrates empirical findings and practical debates and addresses topics such as the role of personality at work, modern approaches to work motivation, managerial decision-making, stress and psychological well-being, and psychological safety and team functioning.”

Ralf Blasek

Managing Director of Graduate School Rhein-Neckar, Ludwigshafen

„The organizational aspects of HRM are crucial to any organization. In the module ORGANIZATION we will be looking at essential HR processes und functions, learn about some CHRO studies and the differences between virtual, remote and matrix management. Another key topic will be empowerment, rounded up by a well proven business leadership model.”

Optional compulsory modules: 1. Law 2. Sociology 3. Managerial Finance 4. Macroeconomics (students choose 2 out of 4 modules)

Yves Clément Zimmermann

PhD Candidate at the German Andrassy University Budapest; LL.M. Commercial Law

„Gaining a general understanding of relevant international organizations, jurisdictions, and international civil law is key in preventing misunderstandings with any foreign trade partner. Thus, the module's primary aim will be to understand international conventions and institutions relevant to international trade. The focus of the elective module LAW will be on practical and useful regulations, clauses and suggestions applicable to the everyday professional lives of managers, regardless of whether they work in a common- or civil-law environment.“

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Başak Bilecen

University of Groningen, Netherlands: Associate Prof. of Sociology, Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences; Rosalind Franklin Fellow

„Nation-states and societies face different challenges, such as aging, pandemic induced global health crisis, delinquency, digitalization, and international migration that potentially undermine solidarity within and across societies.  The aim of this elective module SOCIOLOGY is to approach societal phenomena from a sociological perspective by examining the roles of 1) social networks; 2) social norms; and 3) social institutions.“

Javier Gonzalez Nuñez

CEO TONIC Teaching; Senior Consultant United Nations; Social entrepreneur HOPE

„In the elective MANAGERIAL FINANCE module students will learn how to use finance for business decision making. From creating budgets and forecasts to understanding and analysing financial statements. Both for their personal finance and their careers.“

Dr. Stefan Legge

St. Gallen University, Switzerland: Lecturer in Economics and Project Leader

„Successful management not only addresses internal matters but also finds optimal responses to developments that are external to firms - such as the trajectories of economies as a whole. The elective module MACROECONOMICS identifies the key data points that managers must track and discusses how the ups and downs of the economy provide both challenges and opportunities for successful firms. Furthermore, managerial implications of policy responses and long-term economic developments will be analyzed.”

Module Social Competency part Creativity

Daniel Brunnett

Senior Solution Sales Executive for Digital Supply Chain at SAP; Certified Design Thinking and Business Model Coach

„CREATIVITY is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something. This module will boost your creativity & unleash your entrepreneurial instinct. You will work in as a small startup team and will create your own entrepreneurial idea by leveraging methods, tools and techniques from successful startups.”


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