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What others say about us

Here you will find some feedback from our students/alumni :)

Feedback from Hiba:

"I am grateful to my university for providing me with a high-quality MBA education that has equipped me with the skills and knowledge to succeed in the business world. I can now say after exactly 1 year of graduating that I have been able to find the job of my dreams as an Onboarding manager in Packshack where I ensure that our clients can launch their fulfilment processes as quickly as possible and of course afford to rent my own appartment in the heart of Munich. I am proud to have received my MBA from such a reputable and dedicated institution and I will always look back on my time here with fondness and gratitude."

Unsure whether you can manage a MBA course alongside your family and career?

Check out our current student Ayesha, who is even participating in our double degree program with Satakunta University of Applied Sciences - SAMK in Finland with a lot of diligence, organisation and motivation alongside a full-time job and 4 kids!

Ines, our current student in the MBA distance learning programme International Business Management, has created a short video about the program! Have fun with it, more videos will follow, be curious!

2nd video from Ines who is one of our students :)

Feedback from current students

Please let me know if you would like to have the contact details of one of our 28 MBA ambassadors, who are happy to share their MBA experiences with you!

Antonia: "Although the pandemic caused a huge economic damage in almost every industry, the way of working / studying has completely changed in a positive way from my point of view. Working from home gives me even more flexibility to do my online studies in a more time efficient way while being at the same location and do not have to go from one to another place. We are such an international and dynamic group that the online lectures somehow feel like a face to face discussion which is very enjoyable!“

Manjul: "This MBA programme suits working professionals like me who are working full-time and want to combine their studies with their professional and personal commitments. I find the classes very interesting and above all, the coordination of lectures by the University is really appreciable. Above all, I personally find that the group dynamics of our MBA-batch and the interactions, discussions between the students from different countries, cultures and walks of life, is top!"

Oksana: "This MBA programme is specifically designed for those working full-time and busy with their family: right amount of time and a concentration of only important and relevant content. It is practical and allows one to focus the thematic area of interest while learning from the experience of other students."

Ralf: "Perfect program to bring family, studies and work under one roof. You are very flexible, you can either take part in the lessons live or watch the recordings. That means flexible learning at any time."

Olena: "Online MBA program? It is undoubtedly not easy and uncommon to the traditional way of thinking. But I take it as an interesting and perspective challenge with opportunity to learn and to grow. You go beyond your comfortable environment, which opens the door to think "differently"."

Sylvester: "This online MBA at Ludwigshafen has been so educative to me, interactive sessions with Professors and my colleagues round the globe, makes it International Business Management. Whereby, management and business ideals are being shared and discussed in different perspectives, and also being able to listen to recorded video class, even when I´m unable to attend the real class time. Absolutely flexible!"

Preethi: "I´m very glad to be pursuing my MBA degree at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. I believe this course will effectively shape my career. A full-time job & Master studies is not everyone´s cup of tea. I often end up burning the midnight oil, hoping that investment today will result in a better tomorrow. And I think, it will :)."

Carlos: "Doing the MBA at the Ludwigshafen University gave me the opportunity to exchange international experiences and Business cases while working and traveling from any part of the world."

Daniel: "You looking for a good distance learning MBA program? Then you don´t have to look further. Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society offers you the best distance learning MBA program that takes into consideration your busy schedules, geographical location and your time zone."

Jose: "Learning from everywhere."


Have we caught your interest? Then call or write to us today. Eva Nefen will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the course (eva.nefen@hwg-lu.de)!

We will start our next English online MBA distance learning program in International Business Management in September 2024 at the Ludwigshafen University for Business and Society.

The online registration starts 1st of April 2024! We would be happy if you would first register online on our website https://online.zfh.de and upload all required documents listed in our check list and later on by post to the following address (as soon as we receive your documents we will give you an answer regarding your entry requirements):
Konrad Zuse Str. 1
56075 Koblenz 

If you are interested, please contact Ms Eva Nefen at +49 621 5203 159 or by e-mail: eva.nefen@hwg-lu.de


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Eva Nefen

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