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NEW DOUBLE DEGREE cooperation with City University of Seattle

I am very happy to announce that after meeting Svenja from World of Students and Antonio from City University of Seattle at NAFSA: Association of International Educators we are able to offer our MBA students in International Business Management a new DOUBLE DEGREE program!!! Students will only have to complete 8 out of 13 courses to receive an additional degree & diploma:
1. Law and Governing the Modern Business
2. Design Thinking for Innovation
3. Operations and Technology Management
4. Global Political Economy
5. Data Driven Decision Making
6. Financial Reporting and Control
7. Entrepreneurship and the Art of Creative Thinking
8. Emerging Issues in Strategic Decision Making

Students study with very high flexibility either completely on-site in Seattle or completely online or a combination of both.

New Double Degree cooperation with Barcelona Technology School

Excited to share our new Double Degree cooperation with Barcelona Technologoy School after meeting Josep at the NAFSA: Association of International Educators in Washington D.C. With one additional online, on campus or blended semester at BTS our immatriculated MBA students in International Business Management as well as our graduates receive an additional Master's degree, depending on the course taken:
1.     Master in Digital Transformation Leadership
2.     Master in Digital Product Management
3.     Master in Big Data and AI solutions or
4.     Master in User Experience Design
SAVE THE DATE: Jorge presents the options of this Double Degree on 10 October at 7 pm online! 

Online Double Degree with Satakunta University of Applied Sciences in Finland

We are looking forward to our updated double degree cooperation with the Finnish Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK)! In addition to the German MBA degree in International Business Management, students and alumni will receive the Finnish MBA degree in Sustainable Business Management by taking the modules "Leadership and Management" and "Sustainable Issues in Modern Organizations" as well as choosing a third individual module from the program - all completely online! It is great that we will soon be welcoming new Finnish students and we equally recommend this opportunity for our students and alumni to deepen their knowledge in an exciting topic!

Katie, one of our double degree students

"I really enjoyed my time at SAMK. The opportunity to study internationally and learn how other universities operate was a great experience for me. Besides the advantage that I am now pursuing a double degree, I met great people from different countries - both fellow students and professors. I was able to immerse myself in different topics and work on great team projects, e.g. a student led lecture with a focus on student engagement."

We are also very happy to welcome students from our Double Degree cooperation Universities from:

  • Superior University Pakistan
  • European University of Tirana
  • Kolegji Universum Prishtina, Kosovo
  • L´Ecole nationale de commerce et de gestion Casablanca, Hassan II University of Casablanca
  • International University Sarajevo 


Certificate cooperation with Manhattan Institute of Management

We signed a new cooperation with the Manhattan Institute of Management in New York City at the beginning of 2023. Our MBA students have a variety of certificate options to study in the Big Apple, for example in the form of the 3+3 model - 3 months of classroom instruction + 3 months of on-site internship in New York!

Certificate cooperation with London Metropolitan University

We are very happy to announce that after meeting Noelle at the NAFSA and EAIE fair last year, we wish to offer our MBA students the opportunity to study abroad at the London Metropolitan University. Our MBA students can choose a module out of METs MBA schedule like Business Problem Solving; Breakthrough Leadership Skills; Financial Decision Making; Digital Business Delivery; Marketing in the Digital World or Global Strategy and Innovation. Each module has 4 weeks of teaching (3x3 hour session) and then one week at the end to complete the assessment!


Eva Nefen

Eva Nefen

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