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Health insurance

All students in Germany are required to have a health insurance policy. You will not be enrolled at the university without providing proof of your health insurance coverage. Please check before your departure to Germany which services are included in your health insurance or look for an additional insurance. Travel insurances are not acceptable for university enrollment!

If you are an EU citizen, you probably have the EHIC (European Health Insurance Card). By presenting this card, you will be exempted from the necessary German health insurance coverage. Please bring your valid card with you to enrolment.

Now you have two options:

  • You can take out a public German health insurance policy at the International Office at the time of enrollment. This will cost you around 120 EUR per month. The health insurance coverage begins on the day of enrolment.


  • Issue a private health insurance in your home country (not a travel insurance!). Your private Health Insurance Company has to cover for the whole duration of your stay (studies) in Germany without any limit:

·       treatment by a doctor, medical treatment (ärztliche Behandlung)

·       treatment by dentist, dental treatment (zahnärztliche Behandlung)

·       treatment in a hospital, hospital treatment (Krankenhausbehandlung)

·       medicine and bandages, dressings (Arznei und Verbandsmittel)

If you issue a private health insurance in your home country, you will have to fill out and sign the following form  and let it sign by your health insurance company as well.

If your private health insurance company doesn´t sign this criteria,  you HAVE to take a German one.

Please ask your insurance company to issue an insurance policy in German or English and bring your private health insurance policy and the signed form with you, when you come to our University to enrol.
In general, please note that if you are private insured, you always have to pay the medical bills in advance and wait then for the reimbursement of your insurance company. Please be aware that hospitalisation can be particulary expensive!

If you are from Turkey, you can also bring an A/T-11 form (TÜRK-ALMAN SOSYAL GÜVENLIK SÖZLESMESI) for Health Insurance.

If you are from Tunesia, you can also bring an A/TN-11form for health insurance.

If you are from Bosnia Herzegovina, you can bring a BH 6 form for health insurance.