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The entry requirements into the Federal Republic of Germany are different according to your country of origin. Please enquire as soon as possible as to whether you need a visa or not.

Please note: When it comes to visa matters it is your nationality and not your university that determines the appropriate procedure. Example: If you study in a European country and have a residence permit for this country but your nationality is not European, you need to apply for a student visa in Germany. If this is the case please contact the German Embassy in your country of origin or the German Embassy in your country of studies.

Visa Procedure Exchange students from Non-European Countries


REST Directive 2016/801

If you are Non-EU citizen and you study at a partner university in a EU country, which ratified the REST Directive 2016/801, you can undergo the following procedure to get the permission for your mobility (max. 360 days):

As soon as you received the letter of acceptance, you need to provide us with the following PDF documents collected in ONE email:

  • residence permit of the first EU Member State (country of home university)  for the purpose of study – the residence permit need to be valid for your complete stay at Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen. Both sides of the card need to be scanned in one PDF file.
  • evidence of the participation in the ERASMUS+ programme – please ask your home university for this confirmation. However, it need to be in GERMAN language.
  • recognised, valid passport.
  • proof of subsistence/ financial resources - currently at least 934 EUR per month - , e.g. by opening a blocked account or by a confirmation of your home univesity that you receive ERASMUS+ scholarship incl. the amount to be received. If you should receive an ERASMUS scholarship for less than 934 EUR monthly, you would only have to guarantee the difference of the full monthly amount.
  • valid health insurance, which covers your stay at Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen.
  • This document needs to be filled out completely and digitally.

The university in Germany must submit these documents to the National Contact Point (Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, BAMF) for digital registration for the study period in Germany and its subsequent acceptance by the responsible immigration authority.

More information can be found here.