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Buddy Program

What is sometimes hard for the regular students at universities, can quickly become a challenge for the international students. Getting started in new surroundings is particularly complicated because of the language barrier and the different mentalities and customs.

With the Buddy Program, Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen would like to welcome the new exchange students, offer them a helping hand in getting settled abroad and assist in their psychological and sociocultural adjustment.

The “buddies” are regular students, who voluntarily offer their support to the incoming foreign students. The buddies help their exchange fellows deal with the difficulties they may face in their daily life.

Your buddy will collect the keys for your flat before your arrival, he/she will pick you up from the train station (bus station) and help you move into your new place. If needed he/she will help you with your first shopping, will show you around the city and familiarize you with the university. Later, your buddy will accompany you to the different institutions, where you need to register – he/she will help you enroll at the university, issue the Semester ticket (travelling document), visit the Immigration office, register at the city hall, open a bank account. You can ask your buddy for advice on your university schedule and recommendations for travelling, but also, your buddy will be the person, who will show you the best places to go and funniest things to do!