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Program Concept

The Bachelor’s degree program in International Business Administration and Information Technology is uniquely centered on the activities of cooperating industry partners and the business world. Challenging lectures based on content relevant to real life in the business world at the university alternate with practical phases at cooperating partner companies. The dual Bachelor’s degree program is a six semester, modularly structured, full-time course of studies. Successful completion of the 210 ECTS credit points in this intensive program results in a Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) degree.

This program leads to the first academic degree that qualifies graduates for professional work in the field. Upon completion, graduates will have ideally fulfilled the requirements necessary for successfully working on the job at a company and/or entering a Master’s degree program for further study.

Program Goals and Course Content

The goals of the program and course content are directly in line with the expectations and demands of the job market:

  • Acquiring solid knowledge and professional tools by training in business.
  • Developing skills by taking on responsibilities in operative work processes at a company, starting right at the beginning of the program.
  • Gaining international and intercultural experience from interaction with foreign guest professors and a stay abroad during one’s studies.
  • Providing the optimal education for the professional challenges of the future in a global economy.

Program Features

Start: Begins once a year on August 1st with a two-month practical phase at the student’s cooperating partner company.

Practical Phase: International Business Administration and Information Technology is a dual cooperative study program. During lecture-free periods, students take on an active role at their partner company, working in various fields such as marketing, sales, logistics, purchasing, accounting, controlling, or in human resources management.

Academic Phase: Lectures are held in small groups, which enables students to gain a solid, comprehensive understanding of international business administration and information technology. Students are taught by a combination of German professors, business professionals, and foreign professors and lecturers, who together expose students to academic theory from a variety of different perspectives.

International Experience: The highlight of the fourth semester is the required international experience abroad from mid May until the end of September. The international experience is a key feature of this program. For the first half of this phase, students study at the Tongji University in Shanghai, where they deepen their knowledge of information technology. Following this, they work at the Shanghai subsidiary of their partner company, where they are actively involved in challenging projects.

Partner Companies: IBAIT students are both students at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society and employees of their partner companies. During their entire period of study, they receive compensation. A selection of partner companies, offered in cooperation with the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society and the IBA program, can be found here.

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Credits: 210 ECTS points

The European Credit Transfer System applies to this Bachelor degree program. It is based on credit points assigned to individual elements of coursework (such as participation in lectures and seminars, along with completion of required exams, presentations, and other assignments). The number of credit points assigned indicates the normal study workload expected for successful completion of the course or module.

Credits for a U.S. Master’s Degree: During the IBAIT Bachelor’s degree program, credits can be counted towards both of our American Master’s degree programs. These additional courses are held at the facilities of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. Lectures are given by professors who teach at various universities in North America.

Accompanying Master’s Degree Program (optional)

The following Master’s degree programs are currently offered in cooperation with our partner institutions in the United States:


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