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Pre-course math

Study business administration without math? Not possible!

HWG Ludwigshafen supports its students with two offers to make sure that the math part of their studies goes well:

  • Math pre-course: The Math pre-course takes place every semester as a synchronous online event , lasts one week and starts shortly before the first lectures.
  • Online OMB+ course: The external Online Mathematics Bridge Course Plus can be taken independently at any time, with support from tutors.

Through both offerings, you can refresh or relearn math skills from your school days. This way you start your studies well prepared.

The math pre-course

  • offers the chance to repeat math knowledge from school, to deepen it or even to learn it anew,
  • is not a compulsory course, students can participate in the math pre-course on a voluntary basis,
  • is a free offer for (prospective) students of the HWG Ludwigshafen,
  • is primarily aimed at new students who are about to start a business-oriented course of study.

So if you are about to study a Bachelor's degree program in the fields of Management, Controlling, Healthcare or Marketing and Human Resources Management or Services and Consulting at HWG Ludwigshafen, you definitely belong to the target group.

You are unsure: Is my knowledge of mathematics sufficient? Or should I take the math pre-course?
The following can help you decide:

Decision aid 1: School time and final grade
We always recommend the math pre-course,

  • if your math lessons in school were longer than a year ago
  • or you had a 3 ("satisfactory") or 4 ("sufficient") as your final grade in math.

Decision aid 2: Measure by content
Already know today what will soon be taught in your pre-college math course?
No problem: Take your time and click through the excerpt from the lecture notes and a few selected exercise sheets.
Ask yourself: would you have known? If not: We recommend that you take the math pre-course.

Format: Online.

The math pre-course takes place every semester shortly before the introductory week and before the start of lectures.

Math pre-course in the winter semester 2024:

The math pre-course lasts one week (Monday to Friday).


Procedure on each of the 5 days:

Morning:Online lectures (9:00 am to 1:00 pm)
Afternoon:Online self-learning and working on math problems
Afternoon:Online tutorial (14:00 to 16:00; questions to the teacher)

Are you a (prospective) student at HWG Ludwigshafen and would like to register for the preliminary math course?

You can register by e-mail.
Please enter: Surname, first name, future degree programs.
Registration to: studium-lehre@ 8< SPAM protection, please remove >8 hwg-lu.de

  • Are you studying a bachelor's degree program in Departments I, II or III?
  • You don't have time to participate in the one-week math pre-course before the start of your studies?
  • You would rather repeat and supplement school math knowledge flexibly and independently?

No problem! Learn with the Online Mathematics Bridge Course Plus (OMB+)

The online course presents the content in a well-structured way, with videos, examples and comprehension checks; exercises show solution paths and approaches; training tasks can be worked on independently; in addition, quizzes support the knowledge check.

A competent team of tutors is available daily, even on weekends. 

The course can also be completed in English, French and Chinese, as well as bilingually (with German) in each case.
Language preferences are available after registration.

For business-related studies at HWG Ludwigshafen, the following modules are highly recommended if you do not take the entire course:

  • IA Elementary Arithmetic: Sets and Numbers
  • IB Elementary Arithmetic: Powers and Proportioanlity
  • II Equations in one unknown
  • III Inequalities in one variable
  • IV Linear systems of equations
  • VI Elementary functions
  • VII Differential calculus
  • VIII Integral calculus
  • IX 2D coordinate system

Start your flexible math preparation with OMB+ here.

Gabriele Baldauf

Monday to Thursday, 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Mail: studium-lehre@ 8< SPAM protection, please remove >8 hwg-lu.de
Phone: +49 (0) 621/5203-481