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Scientific facilities of the HWG Ludwigshafen

Whether  consumer research, accounting, cloud computing, innovation management, Chinese law, trends in the world of work or migration - our academic institutions offer a diversity from which our partners in science, business and society benefit.

Overview of the academic institutions:

Institute for Employment and Employability (IBE)

The Institute for Employment and Employability, under the guidance of Prof. Dr. Jutta Rump (managing director) focuses on research projects pertaining to issues of human resources management. In particular, this includes the advancement of and the demand for employability, demographic change, and balancing work and family life.

Homepage of the Institute for Employment and Employability

Institute of Management and Innovation (IMI)

Since 2017 the Institute of Management and Innovation (IMI) pools the expertise and resources of two former institutes, the Kompetenzzentrum für Innovation und nachhaltiges Management (KIM) and the MittelOsteuropa-Institut (MOI). The goal is to establish even stronger cooperation with partners in the business world in the thematic fields of strategic management, innovation management, business development, internationalization, as well as sustainable management. Prof. Dr. Dieter Thomaschewski and Prof. Dr. Rainer Völker are the leadership of the IMI.

Homepage of the Institute of Management and Innovation

East Asia Institute

The East Asia Institute (OAI) at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society is the Center of Excellence on the economies, cultures, and languages of East Asia, particularly modern China, Japan and Korea.

Homepage of the East Asia Institute

Institute for Logistics (IfLog)

Continuous flow of information is the fundamental prerequisite for the management of stable, efficient, and low-risk logistics processes. Clearly defined courses of action and a comprehensive reporting system are the basis for success in logistics. Only a business-based financial indicator system allows for intelligent handling of the sheer numbers of the most diverse data. Consequently, reliable allocation and processing of information from differing systems is an absolute must.

The conception of such integrated systems demands a deep understanding of logistical, business, and technical contexts.

A complete consideration of logistics is the task of the Institute for Logistics (IfLog), founded in 2011 at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwighafen am Rhein. Interdisciplinary technical skills are ensured through collaboration with university departmental chairs in logistics. The Institute is based upon applied research, the implementation of new knowledge in the context of industry projects and in logistics educational programs, as well as in individually tailored company training programs.

The Institute’s main areas of focus are:

  • Controlling of logistics processes
  • Modeling logistics processes in enterprise resource planning systems
  • Systems for strategic, tactical, and operative management for warehouse and distribution optimization.
  • Transportation and traffic logistics
  • Intralogistics
  • Sustainability in logistics.

Homepage of the Institute for Logistics

Transatlantic Institute (TI)

At the Transatlantic Institute, various topics in economics and the social sciences are investigated using empirical, behavioral-science approaches.

Homepage of the Transatlantic Institute

Institute for Business Information Technology (IWIL)

Since 2010, the Institute for Business Information Technology at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwighafen am Rhein has served as the central contact in the area of business information technology for research skills and knowledge transfer in the regional and national economy.

Homepage of the Institute for Business Information Technology

Founded in March 2014, the Institute for Management, Economics and Healthcare (IMÖVG) brings together the research expertise of the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society in the fields of health economics, health management and healthcare research.

Against the background of increasingly scarce resources and an ageing society, the institute investigates ways of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare. This requires the combination of expertise from the fields of business administration, economics, medicine and law, which the Institute guarantees through its interdisciplinary orientation.
Here, the Institute can build on the interdisciplinarity that has been practiced in the field of health economics since 2000 at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society in the context of education and transfer. As part of its research activities, the Institute will enable Master's students in the field of health economics and health care management to work on research projects at the Institute and thus increase their research skills.

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Founded at the beginning of 2014, the institute deals with strategic challenges in the field of corporate finance and sees itself as a point of contact for regional and supra-regional companies on issues of applied research and the transfer of knowledge into corporate practice.

The financial crisis of recent years and its aftermath underscore the high relevance of a sustainable financial management strategy. Examples of this are the need for companies to secure a stable financing base, the need for financial service providers to gear their service offerings for private and corporate customers to the highest possible customer benefit, and the need for institutional investors to meet their obligations through "new" investment strategies in a challenging capital market environment. The Institute's mission extends to both the real and financial economy.

A further mission of the Institute is the further development of a practice-oriented and at the same time scientifically sound teaching in the finance-related courses of study at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, including the MBA distance learning course "Finance, Strategy and Accounting", which is currently under development.

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The aim of the Business Innovation Lab is to support companies in their digital transformation through research, transfer and training programs. This includes, in particular, the use of digital information for business models, processes and products as well as the development of corresponding methodological expertise for the use of new analysis methods based on innovative technologies.

The Business Innovation Lab is headed by Prof. Dr. Andreas Seufert.

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The network internally bundles the competencies and resources of our departments in the field of health. Research transfer is a central concern of the network. Based on our wide-ranging expertise in the socially highly relevant  area of health, we can offer you the arrangement, coordination and implementation of practice-oriented research projects in the areas of teaching research and third-party funded research. The projects can be located at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen or in a network. Other universities and research institutes as well as practice partners from institutions and companies in the healthcare sector are welcome as network partners. The Research Network Health gains visibility through conferences with experts and regular presentation days of research projects at the University of Applied Sciences Ludwigshafen. Corresponding publications are available for download under the respective conference.

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The object of research is the nature of public and nonprofit enterprises from an economic perspective. The focus is on theory in the sense of a scientific-theoretical foundation of public and nonprofit enterprises as well as empiricism. The latter serves the elaboration of objective findings derived from reality. The research center is headed by Prof. Dr. Marcus Sidki.

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