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Registration of the thesis

The latest registration date for the final thesis and the processing time are regulated in the General Examination Regulations (APO) or the Special Examination Regulations of the degree programs attended. The application for admission to the final thesis must be submitted in writing to the respective examination board via the SSC Student Management one week before the "Start date".

After you have discussed the topic of your thesis with your supervisor, please fill out the Thesis Registration Form completely and legibly and hand it in to the SSC Student Management with your signature and the signature of the first examiner. After approval/signature of the application by the chairperson of the examination board, the registration of the thesis will be entered by the StudierendenServiceCenter on the system and the submission date (examination date) will then also be displayed in your university portal.

Submission of the thesis / cover sheet / affidavit / blocking notice

The thesis must be bound and additionally submitted in digital form:

1. we recommend to use this cover sheet template for the thesis.

2. your assurance that you have written the thesis independently and that no sources and aids other than those indicated have been used must be included in each copy and signed by you. For the declaration of independence, Departments I through III recommend using this wording:

"I, [first name last name], hereby certify that I have independently prepared this [bachelor's / master's thesis]. I have not made use of any inadmissible assistance, in particular no assistance based on artificial intelligence (AI). I have agreed with the first examiner on any permissibility of assistance based on AI that deviates from this. I have used only the sources and aids indicated.

All passages that have been taken from other works or sources in terms of wording or meaning have been identified with reference to the source. This also applies to pictorial representations or products based on artificial intelligence.

This work has not yet been submitted in the same or a similar form to any examination authority. Furthermore, I assure that the paper version submitted by me is identical to the electronic version.

I am aware that any violation of the principles of good scientific practice will be penalized. I acknowledge that this thesis may be checked for plagiarism or unstated aids using software and stored for examination purposes."

The electronic version of the thesis must also bear your signature.

3. if the thesis may not be read by third parties, please enter a "blocking note" on one of the first pages.

4. please submit the thesis firmly bound (no ring or spiral binding) by the deadline. For the required number of bound copies, please refer to the Special Examination Regulations or General Examination Regulations applicable to your degree program.

You can either hand in the thesis in person at the university or send it by mail on the submission date at the latest. If you send it by mail (parcel or registered mail), please send the proof of delivery to the responsible person (Administrator in SSC Student Management) as a scan by e-mail. The date of delivery to the post office is the date of receipt by the university.

For personal delivery, please make an appointment with your administrator. Under no circumstances should the thesis be placed in the university mailbox!

On the day of submission of the bound versions, you will also send your thesis by e-mail as a PDF file to your administrative assistant in the SSC Student Management. This PDF file is the electronic version required by the General Examination Regulations.

ATTENTION: The submission date of the bound thesis applies for meeting the deadline!

Extension of the processing time

In principle, the extension of the processing time of the thesis can be approved by the examination board in justified exceptional cases. For this purpose, the form "Antrag auf Verlängerung der Bearbeitungszeit der Abschlussarbeit" (" Application for extension of the time for writing the thesis" ) (incl. the attachments proving the reason) has to be filled in and handed in to the SSC-Studierendenmanagement with the signature of the supervisor. The form is only available at the SSC Student Management!

If you have to extend the processing time of the written thesis due to illness, together with the completed and signed application for extension of the processing time of the thesis, you must also submit the completed form Medical certificate justifying the inability to take the examination must be submitted to the SSC Student Management.

Please refer to the examination regulations applicable to you for the maximum extension of the processing time.

The new deadline will be communicated by an official letter from the chairperson of the examination board.

Announcement of grades for final thesis

As soon as the SSC student management receives the corrected thesis (and the result of the colloquium, if applicable), you will receive a corresponding notification, which will also include the grade of the thesis.

Student status and de-registration

As a rule, the final thesis is the last examination performance. Please note that you must remain enrolled until the last examination has been completed.

If the deadline for the final thesis, the day of the colloquium or the day of the last examination is not until the following semester (end of SS semester: 31.8., end of WS semester: 28./29.2.), you must re-register for the new semester, i.e. the semester fee (and, if applicable, the tuition fee) must be transferred again!

Exmatriculation takes place ex officio at the end of the semester in which the last examination was taken.

The change of your home address can only be made by the SSC Student Management. To do so, please submit the completed form "Notification of Change of Address" to the administrator responsible for your degree program.

If your semester address has changed, then you can update it yourself in the university portal.

If you would like to have equivalent work completed at a university or acquired outside the university sector recognized, please complete the application for recognition of completed examination work and submit it with the necessary documents to your department for examination.

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After you have started your studies at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, our IT Service Center will assign you an HWG-LU e-mail address(...@studmail.hwg-lu.de). Please note that the university will only use this e-mail address for correspondence with you!

For more information about the email account, please visit the IT Service Center's "Email Account" page.

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If you have finished your studies at the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences and need a certificate of exmatriculation, please submit the "Application for Exmatriculation"discharged by the  library to the SSC-Studieredenmanagement. Only then can the Certificate of De-registration - as well as the Course of Study Certificate and the Certificate of Pension Loss - be issued.

If you would like to have your semester fee refunded, please submit the completed "Application for refund of the semester fee" to the to the SSC- Studierendenmanagement. According to § 13 para. 5 of the "Regulations on the Enrollment of Students at Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences (Enrollment Regulations)", the fee can only be refunded if the corresponding application is received by SSC-Studierendenmanagement before the first day of classes of a new semester.

The enrollment of minors at a university requires the consent of their legal guardians. Therefore, the original signed "General consent for minors" must be presented at the time of enrollment.

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For fire protection and safety reasons, dogs are not allowed in public buildings. This also applies to all buildings of the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences.

Electronic health insurance registration

In Germany, all students are generally required by law to have health insurance (1).

Therefore, before enrolling (and, if applicable, re-registering) at a university, prospective students/students must request their health insurance company to notify the university at which they wish to enroll of their insured status (2). The insured status is transmitted electronically to the university by the health insurance company. Therefore, you will not receive a paper certificate.

If you request your health insurance company to send us the notification of your insured status, please mention the name of our university "Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen" and our sender number "H0000719."


(1) Social Security Code (SGB) Fifth Book (V) - Statutory Health Insurance - § 5 Insurance obligation
(2) Social Security Code (SGB) Fifth Book - Statutory Health Insurance - (V) § 199a 

To check grades, please log in to the university portal.

  • The exam registration/deregistration period summer semester 2023 for students of the Faculty IV - Social and Health Services can be found HERE for further information.

Registration for module exams is done online by students within the registration period for module exams via the university portal.

Online exam registration must be completed if:

1) a module exam is to be taken for the first time,

2) an examination was not passed in the previous semester,

3) a registered examination was not taken in the previous semester (missed examination),

3) an examination could not be taken due to illness, semester abroad/practical semester or semester on leave.

Jokers or attempts to improve must be registered with the responsible administrator in SSC Student Management.

For students who were also enrolled in the summer semester of 2022, there is no obligation to register for exams. Therefore, neither first attempts nor repeat attempts have to be registered according to corresponding regulations in the other examination regulations. For more details please read the "8th Corona Regulations" according to.

Deregistration for written module examinations registered for the first time is possible online in the university portal until 10 days before the respective examination date at the latest.

How to proceed in case of illness during the examination period is explained under "Procedure in case of examination incapacity".

Examination regulations can be found on the page "Ludwigshafener Hochschulanzeiger"

If you have a valid reason for wanting to have your semester fee refunded, please submit the completed "Application for Refund of Semester Fee" to SSC- Studierendenmanagement.

Please note the following:

  • According to § 13 Abs. 5 of the "Einschreibeordnung der Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft Ludwigshafen " the fee can only be refunded if the corresponding application is received by the SSC-Studierendenmanagement before the first day of classes of a new semester.
  • According to the administrative regulation on the levying of fees at the Ludwigshafen School of Economics and Social Sciences of 14.04.2022, a fee will be retained if the enrollment is cancelled and the semester fee is refunded: Admission-free degree program = €25.00 / Admission-restricted degree program = €45.00

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The semester fee is a statutory contribution that Ludwigshafen University only receives and passes on to the recipients, i.e. the student body and the Studierendenwerk Vorderpfalz.

Information on the composition of the semester contribution can be found on our page "Re-registration".

Here you can find the current semester dates

Information about the StudiCard can be found at "StudiCard".

If you would like to change your degree program within the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences, please complete the online application during the official application period.

Whether you are admitted to a higher semester is decided by the respective department. 

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