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University portal

Currently, the university portal for a large part of the student body is divided into two parts: ¹Events and Examinations Portal and ²Students and Applications Portal.

The ¹Events and Examinations Portal provides general overviews:

  • Events
  • Exams
  • room plans
  • current information
  • Search for persons

The university portal also offersstudents - after personal login - the possibility of self-administration:

  • ¹Printing of grade certificates (Transcript of Records)
  • ¹Registration for examinations
  • ¹Overview of registered exams
  • ¹Overview of personal grades
  • ²Printing the transcript of records
  • ²Printing of the certificate of study for the Office for Educational Support (BAföG)
  • ²Checking the debit/actual status of the semester fee (fee account)
  • ²Update of contact data: semester address, telephone number and e-mail address
  • From now on,students at WEINCAMPUS NEUSTADT exclusively use the "Student and Application Portal"
    (https://portal.icms.hwg-lu.de) as their student portal
    with ALL the usual self-service functions (printing of grade certificates and study certificates, exam registration, maintenance of contact data, etc.). Switching between portals is no longer necessary!

Verification of certificates

External parties can verify certificates printed by our students for authenticity by entering the verification code printed on them in the university portal.

Reset password

If you need to reset your password for the university portal, you can find the following on the IT Service Center page Instructions for password reset.


Event planning, timetable and examination matters: ¹Event and examination portal

Study certificates, fee account, contact details and application matters: ²Student and application portal