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Our Expectations

We welcome applications from high-achieving domestic and international students looking for an internationally and practically oriented program 

We aim to attract candidates who have a clear understanding of their own interests, abilities, and future goals. Candidates should make sure that the specifics of this program align with their own ideas and will help them achieve their goals.

We would be pleased to meet with you individually to discuss your personal aspirations and goals. Please contact us to make an appointment here on campus in Ludwigshafen.

Admission Requirements

  • High school diploma or other qualification for university entrance (see partner companies).
  •  Contract between BIP student and the cooperating partner company.

Personal Characteristics and Interests

In order to successfully complete this course of study and optimally enter into the work force, students must be motivated to perform and be capable of high achievement. Personal characteristics also play a significant role in determining a student’s success in the BIP program, including:

  • Being a team player and a skilled communicator.
  • Having an interest in foreign languages and cultures.
  • Being flexible and adaptable.
  • Having the willingness to learn course content individually as well as in larger group settings.

Finally, it is also very important that prospective students have a personal interest in business administration and information technology and are motivated to embark on an intensive program of study.

Application Process

Please send applications directly to BIP’s cooperating partner companies, and not to the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.

Each partner company has its own criteria for admission. The application process has four steps:

1.     Apply early to a BIP partner company. You should apply 1 year before the start of the program until shortly before the hiring start date.

2.     Your application will be evaluated according to the selection criteria set forth by each respective BIP partner company.

3.     If you fulfill the company-specific criteria, you will advance in the application process. Further criteria determining final selection for admission vary from company to company and may include completing written placement tests and problem solving tasks or participating in group discussions or individual interviews.

4.     After being selected for admission, you will receive an educational contract from the BIP partner company, which you will then sign and return to the company.

The BIP partner company will then notify the University of your admission. Subsequently, the regular enrollment takes place at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society. The university will contact you about 4-5 months before your scheduled start of studies. You will also have to register on the website of the University. Further information on enrollment can be found at https://www.hwg-lu.de/service/studierendenservicecenter-ssc/fuer-studieninteressierte.html. After successfully completing this admissions process, we would then congratulate you and welcome you to the program!


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