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The European University Network "European Innovation Alliance"

LUBS is proud to be part of the European University Network "European Innovation Alliance (EuroInnA)" supported by DAAD and BMBF.

The "European Universities Initiative" was born from the initiative of the European Council, which at the end of 2017 called on member states to develop transnational higher education alliances with the following objectives: Promoting European values and identity, Enhancing the quality and competitiveness of European higher education, Ensuring sustainability and excellence.
The following short film gives a good overview of the idea of the "European Universities Initiative":




The Network

For us, the future of higher education lies within an integrated European approach and we are happy to share this view with partners from four different regions all over Europe:

-        Satakunta University of Applied Sciences (SAMK) in Rauma, Finland
         Visit the SAMK-website

-        Tomas Bata University (UTB) in Zlin, Czech Republik
          Visit the UTB-website

-        Universidad de Huelva, Spain
          Visit the UHU-website

-        Universidade do Algarve (UAlg) in Faro, Portugal
         Visit the UAlg-website

-       Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society (LUBS), Germany

All EuroInnA partners maintain close contact between teachers and students through manageable student numbers. Furthermore, they work on maximising the employability of their graduates through well-developed contacts within their regional economy and society.

Our objectives

Together, the five universities are working on future-oriented study programs and joint research projects focusing on sustainability, health and digitization. The involved university members cooperate with each other digitally, in presence or in mixed formats.
Another core element of EuroInnA is the enhanced mobility of students, teachers and (non-)academic university staff: We want intercultural experiences within the network to inspire personal and academic life paths and to promote success at the university and beyond.

Our offering

Within the framework of the European Innovation Alliance, digital workshops on the topic of "Intercultural Communication"and English courses at A2 level for (re-)beginners take place on a regular basis.


Katharina Klüver-Beck (PhD), Project Manager European University Network: katharina.kluever-beck@ 8< SPAM protection, please remove >8 hwg-lu.de

I am looking forward to your ideas, suggestions, and questions!


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