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Malu Dreyer, Ministerpräsidentin Rheinland-Pfalz
(Bild: Staatskanzlei RLP, Elisa Biscotti)

Greetings by
Prime Minister Malu Dreyer

Malu Dreyer, Prime Minister of Rhineland-Palatinate

(on the occasion of the hybrid celebration by the Ministry of Science: "50 years of universities of applied sciences - a success story for Rhineland-Palatinate" in March 2021)

In 1971 a new type of universities was created in the German educational system: the universities of applied sciences. On this occasion, I congratulate all seven universities of applied sciences in Rhineland-Palatinate, who can all be proud of their success and development. Universities of applied sciences enhance regional development, they bring qualified specialists to the region and they ensure applied research. That is why they are essential both for German science and for our region, for Rhineland-Palatinate.