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Controlling is a six-semester undergraduate degree program leading to a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

During the course of your full-time studies, you will gain proficiency in Business and its related fields, Economics, and the relevant areas of law, as well as in-depth knowledge of all steps in decision-making and controlling processes. Accordingly, the main concentrations of this degree program are in the areas of Controlling, Financial Accounting, and Management. Particular value is placed on the relationship between business matters and problem-solving approaches from the IT field. Our program is internationally-oriented and poses the question of sustainable business practices not only within the context of the course “Management and Sustainability”, but also as an integral component of all our lectures.

Program Design

In the first year, students are introduced to the basic concepts and methods of Business Administration. The second year completes these foundational studies. In the fourth semester, students choose one of the following elective modules: Controlling, International Financial Reporting, or Business Intelligence.

During the fifth semester, students strengthen their overall management, accounting, and intercultural competencies. Alternatively, students can also choose to do an integrated study-abroad semester at a foreign university. In the sixth semester, students complete their internship or practical training and their Bachelor’s theses.

The degree program qualifies students for specialized and managerial positions in business, especially in the fields of Accounting, Controlling, and Management, as well as in the business-oriented areas of Information Management.

As an alternative to directly entering into the working world upon graduation, you can follow up your undergraduate studies with a consecutive Master’s degree. The Department of Management, Controlling, and Healthcare offers high-quality programs that are customized to suit your needs.

International Orientation

Our curricula and program design guarantee a high degree of internationalism:

  • Advancement of language skills (Business English); elective courses in French and Spanish are available through the Department of International Affairs.
  • Instruction in intercultural competency (international culture).
  • Opportunities to do an integrated semester abroad at one of over 50 partner universities located in 27 countries.
  • English-language lectures and internationally-oriented curricula.
  • Interaction with foreign exchange students in lectures and seminars adds to the international atmosphere of our university.