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Bachelor's degree .... and now?

-> You want to earn your own money?

-> But you want to make your Master, too?

-> As well staying in the region?

No problem. The BIS Master Business Administration at the HWG-LU combines all these three options and even more (e.g. building a start-up)!

Just search for a cooperation company and apply until 15th January 2018!


For whom is this course of study interesting?

The work-study MBA program in Business Administration is geared towards people who already have earned their first university degree and who consider this as a consistent continuation of their studies. 

You are a possible candidate, if you… 

  • either have completed a full-time study and are no longer willing to study without income,
  • already have accomplished a work-study bachelor's program or
  • are a professional, after a few years of pure practice, who would like to pursue a further higher-qualification degree , but still have to keep your full-time job.  

The core target group includes ambitious, career-minded professionals with innate leadership potential in handling challenging cases in business, including those already working in managerial capacities. 

Accordingly, the work-study program in Business Administration meets the student’s demand to enter into the workplace earlier than they could in the past, as well as the desire of very qualified students to obtain formal qualification in order to pursue doctoral studies. 

Our work-study MBA program offers you following advantages:  

  • Moderate study fees
  • Teaching of the highest quality
  • General management concept as an optimal basis for the assumption of management positions or rather the further career planning
  • Access to higher grade of the civil service in public administration
  • Right to doctorate, according to the respective doctoral degree regulations of the chosen university, provided that a total of 300 credits have been acquired by the Bachelor and the MBA degree (120 credits will award by BIS)
  • Expansion of your network through contact with fellow students in other cooperation companies
  • Retention of your full-time employment, thereby financial independence
  • Improvement / development of personal labor market opportunities
  • Practice-oriented learning within the framework of personal presence during the courses
  • Individual consultation and support during your period of study
  • Recognition of the study program according to the Bildungsfreistellungsgesetz in Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Recognition of the university according to the Bildungszeitgesetz in Baden-Württemberg
  • Accredited degree program  
  • The lectures are in German

Before you apply, we recommend a consultation appointment with the managing director or the person responsible of the Becelor’s program.

How is this supposed to work?

  • You study part-time
  • with a standard period of study of 5 semesters
  • achieve a Master of Business Administration degree with 120 credits
  • and all this while paying moderate tuition fees.


Then click here on the following link https://www.bis-lu.de/ to obtain comprehensive information.

We are also happy to offer you the opportunity for a personal consultation.

We are looking forward to your visit on our website.

The BIS team


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Iris Zimmermann

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