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Registration in the university portal

Step 1: Apply to the university

To submit a valid application, you must register via the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society portal.

After registering, you will be guided step by step through the application process. Once you have submitted the application by clicking on "Submit application", no further changes are possible. Submitted applications initially receive the status "received". You will be informed of any changes to the status of your application by e-mail.

IMPORTANT: Make a note of your access data, which you will always need to track the status of your application. This data is also important for enrollment in the event of admission.

Step 2: Upload your documents to the application portal

You can upload the relevant documents using the individual upload buttons. An explanation of which documents need to be uploaded to which area is provided under the buttons.

Note: Information on which documents you generally need to upload in the application portal can be found under "Documents to be submitted" in the last column on the Overview of study programs page.

Special features for NC-free Bachelor's and/or Master's degree programs:
In NC-free Bachelor's and Master's degree programs, every applicant who has a qualification for university entrance, provides proof of any required "special admisson requirements", uploads all required documents in full to the application portal and submits the application by the deadline will receive a confirmation of admission.

You will receive information on online enrolment with the confirmation of admission and will be asked to complete online enrolment in the application portal. You must then upload proof of payment of the semester fee and apply for electronic proof of health insurance from your health insurance provider.

Application for an NC-restricted Master's program:
For NC-restricted Master's programs, you can only submit one application (main application). You can note an alternative study request as an auxiliary application during online registration.

Please note: This auxiliary application will only be considered if there are still places available and there are no more main applications eligible for admission after the admission procedure. 

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