Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Work-Study Program in Business Administration (BIS)

The Work-Study Bachelor’s Degree Program in Business Administration lasts for seven semesters (including exams). The first three semesters provide a broad background in business administration. During this time, special topics are also explored in greater detail, which together with the general business education establish a strong foundation for successful employment as a businessperson. Lectures and seminars develop connections between economic theory and on-the-job application. Linking individual operational and functional areas and highlighting the problems that can occur during the performance of work-related duties and tasks are at the forefront of the program.


International Human Resource Management and Organization  (IPO)

This six-semester program is characterized by comprehensive training in the areas of Human Resource Management and Organization. During the first year, a basic foundation in business administration is laid. In the second year, students delve into all relevant topics related to Human Resource Management in corporations. A particular international focus derives from, among other aspects, study abroad opportunities. Practical orientation is also a defining characteristic of the program.


The Bachelor’s program in Marketing qualifies students to be able to solve specific problems in the different branches and functional areas of marketing. The focus lies not in qualifying students for a specific job or industry, but rather in providing a general basis for solving problems in marketing (knowledge transfer). This program takes into account that graduates will be confronted with frequently changing job requirements during the course of their careers. For this reason, students acquire a broad range of skills, which in the future will enable them to work in new career fields within marketing.