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For students

On this page, you can download documents that are relevant to all programs, such as forms, applications, guidelines, etc.


The Special Examination Regulations for the APO can be found under the respective study program.On your study program page.
The General Exam ination Regulations for Bachelor's & Master's degree programs.General Examination Regulations (APO)
Amendment regulationsto the General Exam ination Regulations for Bachelor's & Master's degree programs dated 03.08.2022.Amendment regulations to the General Examination Regulations (APO)

Recognition must be applied for before registering for the exam.

For exams that have already been registered, it is not possible to have them recognized retrospectively.

Only modules can be recognized. Partial recognition is not possible.

"Passed" examinations without a grade are assessed with 4.0.

Once grades have been recognized, this performance can no longer be improved!

These criteria also apply when changing degree programs at the Ludwigshafen University of Business and Society.

Please send the completed document to Ms. Gramer (Annette.Gramer@hwg-lu.de)

Application for recognition of examination grades
Amendment order to the APO - 8th Corona OrderAmendment order to the APO -   8th Corona order
Only valid in SoSe 2022.Amendment to the APO -   7. Coronaordnung
Regulations of the Ludwigshafen University of Applied Sciences for the implementation of electronic distance examinations.4. corona order

Guideline for scientific work

Status: SoSe 23

Guideline for scientific work
Cover sheet - Scientific workCover sheet - Scientific work
Non-disclosure agreements

Confidentiality agreement student/company

Hints for dealing with non-disclosure agreements

Work aid empirical workEmpirical work
OLAT Course "Scientific WorkOLAT Course